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John Anker 

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Gary Crogan 


Alisa Dodds

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Yvonne Speekman

State executives and contacts can be found on that State's web page.

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The AHRC is committed to creating high standards in horse riding centres.

It is a national organisation with representation in each state.

Accredited members of this organisation are dedicated to professionalism in the horse industry and will uphold standards and conditions in their operation, and provide patrons with:

1. Adequate supervision as laid down in membership conditions.

2. Safety gear e.g. ASA 3838 helmets.

3. Supervisory staff of adequate training and age for the duties carried out.

4. A holder of a current First Aid Certificate to be available at all times.

5. Ethical, truthful and honest advertising and marketing.

6. Adherence to emergency procedures in place and the recording of such.

7. Horses of adequate stature and training, sound and in good health for the work envisaged.

8. Appropriate and adequately maintained equipment.

9. A complaint procedure, in which patrons can approach the establishment or the AHRC in writing.

10. Adherence to regulations of AHRC and current Government Legislation, especially Workplace, Health and Safety.